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BandDateVenuecommentswho wentstub
Pink Floyd 09-17-1987 Cleveland Municipal Stadium1st time to see Floyd. Nanette just had Steph and her eyes were all red from breaking the blood vessels. Perfect look for the show.Nanette, Steve,

Pink Floyd 05-30-1988 Three Rivers Stadium

Jimmy Page 11-09-1988 Syria MosqueFinished show with Stairway to Heaven, but the crowd did the vocals. Excellent.
The Firm 05-05-1985 Civic ArenaSeeing Page play the guitar with a violin bow while a pyramid of lasers swirled around him was the best.

The Firm 03-27-1986 Civic Arena

Paul Rodgers 05-05-1993 MetropolBlues show

Joe Walsh 09-05-1985
Syria Mosque1st half of show was acoustic, 2nd half electric
Stone Temple Pilots 05-29-2000 Starlake AmphitheaterStarlake practically burned down, tons of fires, smoke

Stone Temple Pilots 08-04-2001 Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Stone Temple Pilots 08-28-2010 Starlake Amphitheater

Velvet Revolver 07-31-2004 Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Velvet Revolver 05-18-2005 Amphitheatre Station Square
Jeff, Paul O, Shaun

Axl Rose only
11-22-2002 Civic ArenaI thought they were good, Buckethead is a good guitar player. Axl made us wait a long time for him to come out, it got a bit annoying.

Metallica07-19-2003Ohio StadiumDry show, we were not really prepared for that. Not Marji's favorite.Marji, Jeff, Pam
Limp Bizkit07-19-2003Ohio Stadium
Marji, Jeff, Pam
Kid Rock03-19-2004AJ Palumbo Center

Red Hot Chili Peppers08-05-2000Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Red Hot Chili Peppers08-16-1992Starlake AmphitheaterThey came out for the encore with their heads on fire.

Alice In Chains07-21-1993Starlake Amphitheater

Alice Cooper11-11-1986Syria MosqueOne of the loudest shows ever.ushered
Vinnie Vincent Invasion11-11-1986Syria Mosque
Stray Cats06-27-1983Blossom Music Center1st concert and still a favorite.Steve
Dave Edmunds06-27-1983Blossom Music Center

Bon Jovi 07-23-2006Heinz Field
Marji, Scott, Nicole, Jeff, Pam

Steve Miller Band07-23-1991Starlake Amphitheater

Steve Miller Band07-23-1992Starlake Amphitheater

Steve Miller Band07-24-1999Starlake Amphitheater

Jimmy Buffett06-10-1994Starlake Amphitheater

Jimmy Buffett06-16-1995Starlake Amphitheater

The Grateful Dead07-02-1985Civic Arena

The Grateful Dead07-06-1987Civic Arena

The Grateful Dead06-23-1992Starlake Amphitheater

The Grateful Dead06-30-1995Three Rivers StadiumSat near a large guy who rested his hands on his large belly and did dance moves with them.Marji
The Police07-16-2007Quicken Loans Arena
America06-14-1987Syria MosqueAwesome show, they sounded perfect.ushered
The Black Crowes w/ Jimmy Page06-28-2000Starlake AmphitheaterThis show rocked.     Setlist Marji
Tom Petty08-16-2006Starlake Amphitheater

The Allman Brothers Band08-16-2006Starlake Amphitheater

Neil Young00-00-0000Starlake Amphitheater

Pearl Jam08-16-1992Starlake Amphitheater

Sound Garden08-16-1992Starlake Amphitheater

Rob Zombie05-17-2002Starlake Amphitheater

Live08-04-2001Westmoreland Fairgrounds

The Kinks12-10-1984Civic Arena

Heart12-14-1983Civic Arena
Heart02-09-1984Fox Theatre Atlanta

Heart10-31-1987Civic Arena

Kansas12-14-1983Civic Arena
Eric Clapton06-22-1985Blossom Music CenterI lost my ticket to this show. We looked all over for it. Finally went to show and bought one off someone that had an extra. Worked out in the end as it was a pavilion seat and we took turns with the ticket going up front to check out Clapton. My originial ticket was in a coat pocket that went through the wash.Steve

Eric Clapton04-06-2013Consol Energy Center
Marji, Jeff

Elvis Costello10-11-2007Petersen Event CenterAcoustic show, excellent.  He was on stage with a half circle of guitars around him playing different tunes with them.

The Divinyls04-04-1986Syria Mosque
Dire Straits08-06-1985Syria Mosque
Steppenwolf06-14-1987Syria Mosque
John Kay & Steppenwolf06-06-1986Syria Mosque
The Guess Who06-06-1986Syria Mosque
George Michael09-01-1988Civic Arena
AC/DC05-15-1988Civic Arena

Ratt09-11-1984Civic Arena
Billy Squier09-11-1984Civic Arena

Billy Squier09-09-1991Amphitheatre Station SquareFree tickets, but I got a speeding ticket on the way so it actually cost more than the cost of tickets.Marji
Great White02-03-1988Civic Arena

Whitesnake02-03-1988Civic Arena

Brian Setzer07-08-1999Amphitheatre Station Square
Marji, Jeff, Pam
Chris Isaak03-25-2000Caesar's Tahoe

Dick Dale06-08-2007Rex Theater
Queens of the Stone Age09-28-2007Carnegie Music Hall of HomesteadGood show, beautiful hallTony
Nine Inch Nails10-09-2005Quicken Loans Arena
The Eagles08-15-1994Starlake AmphitheaterGot attacked by bees, stung at least a dozen times, probably more. Still had a good time at a good show.  Might have been 08/16Marji, Nanette, Susan

The Rolling Stones09-29-1994Three Rivers StadiumMarji fell down and went boom
Marji, Jeff, Pam, Nanette, Dan

Queen w/ Paul Rodgers05-20-2006Civic Arena
Crosby Stills & Nash00-00-0000Civic Arena

The Cars11-16-1987Syria Mosque

Jane's Addiction05-07-1991AJ Palumbo Center
Jane's Addiction10-19-2001Civic Arena
Dave Navarro 02-01-2007Mr Smalls Theater
Jeff, Nanette

Tears for Fears06-15-1985Syria Mosque

Flock of Seagulls07-22-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Boston09-12-1987Civic ArenaI was in the 2nd row for a great show.Some girl, forget her name and Steve
Boston08-10-2012Stage AE
U210-13-1987Three Rivers Stadium1st date
U207-26-2011Heinz Field
The White Stripes08-01-2003AJ Palumbo Center
Marji, Ed, Frank, Jeff
Bob Dylan10-11-2007Petersen Event CenterDisappointed, he just did not sound good
The Talking Heads10-19-1983Fox Theatre Atlanta1st concert I ever ushered forushered
The Producers11-23-1983Fox Theatre Atlanta

Aerosmith11-05-1987Civic Arena

Aerosmith08-15-2002Starlake AmphitheaterNicole had a bit much and got sick out the window of my Jeep (and on it).
I'll admit I don't recall this show very well, but Run DMC & Kid Rock came out for Walk This Way
Marji, Nicole, Scott, Jeff Hall
Run DMC08-15-2002Starlake Amphitheater Marji, Nicole, Scott, Jeff Hall
Kid Rock08-15-2002Starlake Amphitheater Marji, Nicole, Scott, Jeff Hall
Crazy Town08-15-2002Starlake Amphitheater Marji, Nicole, Scott, Jeff Hall
The Who07-16-1989Three Rivers StadiumWow, the show was pretty good too.Jeff
R.E.M.08-13-1985Syria Mosque
R.E.M.10-24-1986Syria Mosque
ushered with Scott
Violent Femmes03-16-1986Pitt
Foo Fighters07-09-2003Amphitheatre Station Square
Marji, Jeff, Pam

Kenny Loggins08-15-1985Syria MosqueMuch better than I expected, he sat on edge of stage and did an acoustic set of Loggins and Messina stuff.ushered
Daryl Hall00-00-0000Syria Mosque
Tom Jones00-00-0000Syria Mosque
ushered w Patty 1
Tom Jones w Art of Noise00-00-0000Syria Mosque
Van Halen w Sammy07-29-2004Starlake Amphitheater
Peter Frampton00-00-0000Syria Mosque
Linkin Park07-19-2003Ohio Stadium
Marji, Jeff, Pam
Linkin Park12-07-2003AJ Palumbo Center

Linkin Park07-18-2008Starlake Amphitheater

BTO02-13-1987Syria Mosque
Cypress Hill05-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

The Cult02-20-1992AJ Palumbo Center
Marji, Sandy, maybe Bethany
Smashing Pumpkins10-09-2007AJ Palumbo Center
Marji, Jeff

Black Sabbath01-19-1999Civic ArenaOriginal lineup.  Ozzie's voice was faltering and he cut the show a little short, about 90 minutes, but it was good while it lasted.
Brad, Paul B
Bush08-30-1995Amphitheater Station Square
Fuel08-05-2000Westmoreland Fairgrounds

The Flys05-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Staind05-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Staind08-04-2001Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Staind07-31-2004Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Everclear05-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Eve 605-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Puddle of Mud12-07-2003AJ Palumbo Center

Puddle of Mud05-17-2002Starlake Amphitheater

Korn09-08-2006Starlake Amphitheater

Deftones08-04-2001Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Deftones09-08-2006Starlake Amphitheater

Incubus08-04-2001Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Moby08-05-2000Westmoreland Fairgrounds

The Colour03-17-2007DieselCool band, but they did not really seem into it.  Small crowd.
Marji, Ed

Eddie Money09-10-1983Blossom Music Center Steve & I and our dates were hanging out on the lawn when we heard a cracking noise.  Out of the sky falls a dude (actually he fell out of a tree).  He lands within a couple feet of us, nearly on our blanket.  He laid there motionless for a minute or so.  A crowd started to gather.  Then a low moan could be heard.  Then he rolls over.  As people are asking if he's ok, he jumps up and takes off as if nothing happened.
Steve, Diane, and MariaY-Steve has
Lynyrd Skynyrd10-04-1987Civic Arena

Buddy Guy02-22-2001MetropolRichard Gere came out and jammed with Buddy Guy.
Roger Waters08-18-1999Starlake Amphitheater
Marji. Jeff, Scott, Nicole

David Gilmour07-11-1984Syria Mosque
The Animals11-23-1983Fox Theater AtlantaGot majorly poured on walking back to the dorm after the show.  Steve came down for Thanksgiving, went to show with me.
Emmerson Lake & Powell09-21-1986Syria Mosque
Elastica10-11-1995MetropolSaw a girl take her shirt off at this show :)
Marji, Dave
Steve Winwood09-19-1986Syria Mosque
New Order09-05-1987Civic Arena
Echo & the Bunnymen 09-05-1987 Civic Arena
Gene Loves Jezebel09-05-1987Civic Arena
Gene Loves Jezebel10-00-1986Graffiti
Ted Nugent07-03-2006House of Blues Myrtle BeachGreat show, lots of energy from Ted

Ted Nugent07-19-2006The MeadowsNot as good as Myrtle show, seemed reserved in comparison.

The Tubes06-08-1985Syria Mosque
Todd Rundgren06-08-1985Syria Mosque
Yes11-27-1987Civic Arena

Peter Gabriel11-08-1986Civic Arena

ZZ Top04-10-1986Civic ArenaShort show

Tommy James08-27-1988Three Rivers Stadium
My parents and probably a date
Ministry08-16-1992Starlake AmphitheaterThey were jamming just as the sun was setting.  things on fire were being thrown about (thank goodness I wasn't hit by anything) but it was very intense.

Ice Cube08-16-1992Starlake Amphitheater

Jesus & Mary Chain08-16-1992Starlake Amphitheater

The Cure08-04-1987Syria Mosque
Primus07-21-1993Starlake Amphitheater

Rage Against the Machine07-21-1993Starlake Amphitheater

The Offspring05-28-1999Starlake Amphitheater

Orgy05-28-1999Starlake Amphitheater

Lit05-28-1999Starlake Amphitheater

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones05-28-1999Starlake Amphitheater

The Cult
04-04-1986Syria Mosque

Godsmack07-27-2002Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Asia00-00-0000Syria Mosque
A-ha10-06-1986Syria MosqueWe were instructed to take cameras from people, apparently A-ha did not like being photographed.
ushered w Patty
John Mellencamp06-14-1997Starlake Amphitheater

Love and Rockets08-31-1989Syria Mosque
Psychedelic Furs11-02-1984Syria Mosque
Robert Palmer05-23-1986Syria MosqueSmall guy with a huge voice.
Belinda Carlisle05-23-1986Syria MosqueOpened for Robert Palmer
The Four Horsemen00-00-1992Graffiti
Marji, Bethany, Sandy

Johnny Winter04-21-1985Syria Mosque
George Thorogood04-21-1985Syria Mosque
Joan Jett00-00-0000Syria Mosque
ushered but Nancy and Jim were there
Timbuk 312-09-1986Graffiti

INXS12-02-1985Syria Mosque
Donnie Iris06-13-1985Syria Mosque
The Clarks00-00-0000ManySeen them several times in different places.  South Hills Rib Fest, Station Square, Thursdays, Rolling Rock Town Fair

John Fogerty08-29-1986Syria MosqueGreat show, but no CCR tunes

Santana06-09-1985Syria Mosque
Mountain04-30-1991Stambaugh Auditorium
Marshall Tucker Band04-30-1991Stambaugh Auditorium
Foghat04-30-1991Stambaugh Auditorium
Big Head Todd & the Monsters02-29-2008Mr Smalls Theater

Stevie Ray Vaughn01-24-1986Syria Mosque
Fabulous Thunderbirds01-24-1986Syria Mosque
Arc Angels12-08-1992Metropol

Cracker05-23-2002Club Laga

Jethro Tull10-31-1984Civic Arena

Greg Allman11-17-1988Syria Mosque
Allman Brothers08-16-2006Starlake Amphitheater

Bob Seger12-14-2006Civic Arena

BB King11-02-1987Syria Mosque
Eurythmics00-00-0000Syria Mosque
POTUSA08-30-1995Amphitheater Station Square
The Toadies08-30-1995Amphitheater Station Square
The Temptations10-11-1985Syria Mosque
The Four Tops10-11-1985Syria Mosque
Nickelback07-23-2006Heinz Field

Candlebox00-00-0000Amphitheater Station SquareAt this show Marji points out to me two girls making out.  Apparently they were trying to show a couple roadies that they would do anything to get back stage.  Worked for me.
Marji, Steve, Sue

Camper Van Beethoven11-07-1989MetropolPretty sure I saw Dave at this show, but we did not go together.

Filter08-05-2000Westmoreland Fairgrounds


Marcy Playground08-05-2000Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Our Lady Peace08-05-2000Westmoreland Fairgrounds

John Cafferty & the Beaver
Brown Band
00-00-0000Syria Mosque
Frank Zappa00-00-0000Syria Mosque
Julian Lennon04-06-1985Syria MosqueLots of screaming girls
GTR07-07-1986Syria Mosque
Natalie Merchant00-00-0000Syria Mosque
Seven Mary Three00-00-0000North Side Rib Fest

Adrian Belew07-12-2008Diesel Write up  about Adrian Belew and this show
Jeff Beck04-15-2009House of Blues Cleveland

Rush09-16-2010Consol Energy Center

Smash Mouth09-25-2010Moraine State ParkBSA Campaganza
Marji, Nate, Dev

Cage the Elephant10-09-2007AJ Palumbo Center
Marji. Jeff

The Rainmakers07-03-1989Amphitheater Station SquareClarks opened
Robert Plant01-19-2011Petersen Events Center
Marji, Jeff, Pam

Jean Luc Ponty11-01-1987Syria Mosque
Social Distortion05-11-2011Stage AE

Wallflowers04-06-2013Consol Energy Center

P.O.D.05-03-2012Altar Bar

Oleander08-04-2001Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Disturbed07-31-2004Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Three Days Grace07-31-2004Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club09-29-2013Mr Smalls TheaterPlayed almost 2 hours, very good show.
Stroke 905-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Sponge05-28-1999Starlake Amphitheater

Dynamite Hack05-29-2000Starlake Amphitheater

Lou Reed07-31-1986Syria Mosque
The Black Keys04-30-2013Consol Energy Center
The Black Crowes05-21-1999Starlake Amphitheater

Lenny Kravitz05-21-1999Starlake Amphitheater

Big Head Todd & the Monsters00-00-0000Metropol
Jimmy Buffett08-02-1996Starlake Amphitheater
POTUSA05-20-1996Amphitheater Station Square
Phosphorescent01-31-2014Mr Smalls TheaterNot bad, lead singer did a solo bit in middle of show that we could have done withoutMarji, Nanette
Big Head Todd & the Monsters02-25-2014Mr Smalls Theater
Dave Matthews Bank06-28-2014Starlake AmpitheaterAwesome seats, with table service for food and drinks!Marji, Sue & LenY
Don McLean10-10-2014Packard Music Hall
Jeff, SteveY
Judy Collins10-10-2014Packard Music HallSurprised me how good her voice is for a folk singer from the 60'sJeff, SteveY
Korn07-26-2014Starlake AmpitheaterMayhem FestJeffY
Avenged Sevenfold07-26-2014Starlake AmpitheaterMayhem FestJeffY
The Neighborhood07-11-2014Stage AE indoor
Tool07-21-1993Starlake AmpitheaterLollapalooza '93
Fleetwood Mac10-24-2014Consol Energy CenterOriginal lineup, excellentJeffY
Imagine Dragons06-19-2015Consol Energy CenterGood show, young audienceMarjiY
Metric06-19-2015Consol Energy CenterMarjiY
Rev Horton Heat01-16-2015Altar BarToo crowdedJeff
Dandy Warhols04-18-2016Mr Smalls TheaterVery good showNanette
Puscifer04-01-2016Stage AE indoorSo some of the band was dressed as Mexican wrestlers. Lead singer and drummer both had masks on for whole show. There was a wrestling ring set up. From time to time wrestlers would take to the ring and throw down for a bit.Pete
Slash09-26-2015Hard RocksinoPlayed all the best GnR tunes, some Velvet Revolver, and his solo stuff.Jeff
Robert Delong11-03-2015Mr Smalls TheaterNot quite a concert, just Robert Delong. Lots of sampled stuff, he does play several instruments.Marji & Nanette
Coleman Hell11-03-2015Mr Smalls TheaterFun band. Weird when the keyboard player was playing but banjo sounds were coming outMarji & Nanette
Lee Rocker01-30-2008Thunderbird CafeOne of the Stray CatsJeff
Green Day03-25-2017Petersen Event CenterNate's first concert and it was a good one! They played over 2 hoursNate, Jeff, JessicaYes
Against Us03-25-2017Petersen Event CenterOpener at Green DayNate, Jeff, JessicaYes
The Lumineers03-14-2017Petersen Event CenterIndie band, surprisingly good.JeffYes
Aqueous02-23-2017Rex TheaterHadnt heard of them but it was a free show. Turned out to be pretty enjoyable.Jeffno-free show
ELM (Electric Love Machine)02-23-2017Rex TheaterHadnt heard of them but it was a free show. Turned out to be pretty enjoyable.Jeffno-free show
Dweezil Zappa11-04-2016Carnegie Music Hall of HomesteadA night of Frank Zappa music. Very good. Excellent guitar playerJeffyes
Heart07-21-2016Starlake AmphitheaterBeautiful night. Saw Nancy & Jim BansonMarji & Jackieyes
Joan Jett07-21-2016Starlake AmphitheaterShe still sunds goodMarji & Jackieyes
Cheap Trick07-21-2016Starlake AmphitheaterFirst time seeing this classic band and they did not disappoint.Marji & Jackieyes
Guns-n-Roses07-12-2016Heinz FieldAxl & Slash together! Awesome show, they played everything and then some.Marji, Jeff, Pam, Pete, Haydenyes
Billy Joel07-01-2016PNC ParkSo many good songs. You'd think he was done and he play 3 more - several times! Kenny Chesney came out during encore to join for You May Be Right.Marji, Jeff, Pamyes
Modest Mouse07-05-2016Stage AEGreat weather for a fun showMarji, Pete, Reneeyes
Brand New07-05-2016Stage AEGreat weather for a fun showMarji, Pete, Reneeyes
Twenty One Pilots06-01-2016Stage AEDevin's first real concert. We had a blast. Singer from Twenty One Pilots rolled out onto crowd in a giant hamster ball.Devinyes
Chris Isaak05-22-2016Carnegie Music Hall of HomesteadGreat showman. He came onto balcony and sang a song near our seats.Marjiyes
The XX05-16-2017Stage AE Nanetteno
Fuel07-06-2017Jergels Jeffno
Dick Dale08-13-2017Rex TheaterLoud, great guitar player, talks a bit much. We rode the boat down (Jeff's), had a great sandwich after the show at Primanti's.Jeffno
Kings of Leon08-18-2017Starlake Amphitheater Marjino
Dada09-07-2017DieselSat comfortably on a couch hardly 10' from the band, super cool. They did a short 7horse set also quite cool.Jeffyes
The Trews09-07-2017DieselOpening band for Dada. Lead singer wearing capri pants - WTFJeffyes
A Perfect Circle11-17-2017Petersen Events CenterGood show, but Maynard tries to force the between song banter a bit.Peteyes
Jack White06-02-2018Starlake AmphitheaterXfestJeffyes
Cold War Kids06-02-2018Starlake AmphitheaterXfestJeffyes
AWOLNATION06-02-2018Starlake AmphitheaterXfestJeffyes
Sir Sly06-02-2018Starlake AmphitheaterXfestJeffyes
Steve Miller Band06-20-2018Starlake AmphitheaterGreat show - he always doesJeffno
Peter Frampton06-20-2018Starlake AmphitheaterOpened for Steve Miller Band. Played great, even came back out for an encore with Steve Miller. Talked to much between songs.Jeffno
Weezer07-10-2018Starlake AmphitheaterVery good concertMarji, Pam, Jeffno
The Pixies07-10-2018Starlake AmphitheaterOpened for WeezerMarji, Pam, Jeffno
Bush07-21-2018Starlake AmphitheaterStill rockin, sounded great. Cam's 1st concert.Camyes
The Cult07-21-2018Starlake AmphitheaterI was blown away at how good they were.Camyes
Stone Temple Pilots07-21-2018Starlake AmphitheaterOpener for Bush & The Cult. OK considering no Scott Weiland :(Camyes
Radiohead07-26-2018PPG ArenaAwesome showJeffyes
Arctic Monkeys07-31-2018Petersen Events Center Setlist     Video - R U Mine     Jeffyes
Van Morrison09-07-2018Starlake AmphitheaterSounded great, put a slight jazz feel to a few of the songs. Although he was ahead of Willie, we really went to see him.
Setlist     Video - Moondance    
Marji, Nanetteyes
Willie Nelson09-07-2018Starlake AmphitheaterKind of a short performance, the guy is 85. But it did sound good. Marji commented that he played much longer 'back in the day'.
Setlist     Video - Georgia on my Mind    
Marji, Nanetteyes
Paul Simon09-17-2018PPG ArenaAlmost left, but we stayed and there was a whole other 20+ minute set
Video - Bridge over Troubled Water     Video - Me and Julio     Video - Sounds of Silence     Video - Homeward Bound    
Garbage10-18-2018Hard Rock RocksinoWow, last minute decision to go and glad I did
Review     Setlist     pics
Muse08-01-2017Starlake Amphitheater

Thirty Seconds to Mars08-01-2017Starlake Amphitheateropener for Muse
Allman Betts Band04-10-2019Jergels'Sons of the Allman Brothers' Cool show, they did some Allman Bros tunes as well as some originals.Jeff
Eels04-27-2019Mr Smalls Theater
Firefly Music Festival06-21-2019Dover DownsSo many awesome bands, we only stayed for one day (camped)Devin
Patrick Sweany07-09-2019Club CafeSmall venue, not a bad seat in the place
Three-Eleven 31107-13-2019Starlake AmphitheaterHave to love the Groupon $15 tickets :) and we got upgraded to pavilion seats
Dirty Heads07-13-2019Starlake Amphitheateropener for 311
John Mayer07-28-2019Arena
Santana08-07-2019Blossom Music CenterSo Steve sends me a link to the show and on looking it over I see it's on a worknight, lawn seats are $40 plus fees (that would push $60) so we agree it's not in the cards. One day later I get an email from Blossom, Hey we haven't seen you in a while, enjoy a show on us. Two free tickets. I guess it was in the cards after all. Santana still rocks after all these years.
The Doobie Brothers08-07-2019Blossom Music CenterOpener for Santana
Raconteurs08-13-2019Stage AEGood show. First time where they did not allow cell phones in the venueMarji,Jeff,Ryan
Korn08-17-2019Starlake AmphitheaterNot my favorite Korn performance, but hey, it was another $15 Groupon show.Jeff
Alice in Chains08-17-2019Starlake AmphitheaterOpener for Korn but perhaps the better performance of the nightJeff
ZZ Top09-11-2019Starlake Amphitheater50 years of rock-n-roll. Unreal how good they still sound. Yet another $15 Groupon show!Marji
Cheap Trick09-11-2019Starlake AmphitheaterOpener for ZZ Top. Another solid show from themMarji
The Black Keys10-07-2019PPG ArenaReally good, rocking showDevinyes
Modest Mouse10-07-2019PPG ArenaGood performance, wishing it was a little louder. Glad they turned it up for Black Keys.DevinYes
Mike Doughty10-29-2019Club CafePlayed the old Soul Coughing stuffNanetteNo
Courtney Barnett01-27-2020Carnegie Lecture HallPretty cool, just her and an electric guitar for the whole show. No backing band at allJeffNo
The Black Crowes07-28-2021Starlake Amphitheater - MarjiNo
Green Day08-19-2021PNC ParkTickets to this show were a gift from Devin. We sat in our seats for Weezer, then moved around and found a really decent spot to watch up close and covered (it rained a little).DevinNo
Fall Out Boy08-19-2021PNC Park - DevinNo
Weezer08-19-2021PNC Park - DevinNo
Pat Benetar09-19-2021Canton Palace TheatreVery cool theater to see a show at. And it was a really good show; she sounded great. First and only show we had to show proof of vacination at.MarjiNo
Mammoth WVH03-20-2022Roxian Theater - JeffNo
The Dirty Heads03-20-2022Roxian Theater - JeffNo
Wolf Alice04-01-2022Stage AE (indoor) - MarjiNo
Weathers05-15-2022Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh)Lead singer was wearing a skirtMarjiNo
Moontower05-15-2022Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh) - MarjiNo
The Orphan, The Poet05-15-2022Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh) - MarjiNo
The Blue Stones06-15-2022Thunderbird Cafe - JeffNo
Garbage06-29-2022Roxian Theater - MarjiNo
The Cult07-16-2022Stage AEJeffNo
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club07-16-2022Stage AEAlthough they were the opener, I was there to see BRMCJeffNo
Rage Against the Machine07-29-2022PPG ArenaZack de la Rocha basically sat and/or leaned whole show. They ended up canceling a few shows right after this. Glad we got to see a good show, it had been postponed since 2020.JeffNo
Willie Nelson07-29-2022Starlake AmphitheaterOutlaw festMarjiNo
ZZ Top07-29-2022Starlake AmphitheaterOutlaw festMarjiNo
Gov't Mule07-29-2022Starlake AmphitheaterOutlaw festMarjiNo
Santana08-04-2022Starlake AmphitheaterDecent show, he still sounds great. Earth Wind and Fire was supposed to be the opener but they were not there. Kind of disappointing.MarjiNo
Metallica08-14-2022PNC Park - JeffNo
Styx09-10-2022Starlake Amphitheater - Marji, Jeff, PamNo
REO Speedwagon09-10-2022Starlake Amphitheater - Marji, Jeff, PamNo
Loverboy09-10-2022Starlake AmphitheaterI admit it, I like Loverboy. I went to see them, LOLMarji, Jeff, PamNo
Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets09-30-2022Benedum CenterAll the old Floyd tunes. Really cool show.JeffNo
Highly Suspect02-17-2023Roxian TheaterSat in the balcony with real seats. Great view. Totally rocking concert.MarjiNo
Dead Poet Society02-17-2023Roxian Theater - MarjiNo
Weathers04-30-2023Thunderbird CafeFirst time we saw Weathers, lead singer was clean cut but wearing a skirt. This time he was totally gothed out.MarjiNo
Meg Meyers04-30-2023Thunderbird Cafe - MarjiNo
Hank Williams Jr06-10-2023Starlake AmphitheaterCountry isn't my usual but this was really a great show.MarjiNo
Old Crow Medicine Show06-10-2023Starlake Amphitheater - MarjiNo
Gov't Mule07-25-2023Stage AEDark Side of the Mule tour. A set of their stuff, then a set of Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Really good show.MarjiNo
John Fogerty08-12-2023Starlake AmphitheaterOutlaw Fest - but we only went in for Fogerty. He got partially rained out, but then came back on and did three tunes with just him on guitar. Really kind of made the show for me.Marji, Jeff, EdNo
Guns-n-Roses08-18-2023PNC ParkAxl sounded a little rough at a couple times, but hung in for 3 hours of hard rocking. We missed the opener, The Pretenders :( MarjiNo
Peter Gabriel09-23-2023PPG Paints ArenaHe sounded great, band was really on point. Tony Levin on bass was cool. But he plays what he wants, lots of new stuff. No Shock the Monkey.MarjiNo

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